Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Deals Through Tuesday!

I am still recovering from my PRK eye surgery, which is similar to LASIK, but the recovery time is much longer.  Apparently, I have thin corneas so I wasn't a candidate for LASIK, which boasts a 2-day recovery period!  But, at least I still will be able to see just as well with PRK, even though the recovery is much longer.  My vision is still foggy and a little blurry---but I am on day 4, so I am getter there!  I cannot be on the computer for very long before my eyes start to hurt, so it may be another week before I am really back into the swing of things!  Thanks for your patience!!  We move to Arizona on Thursday and hopefully over the weekend, we'll be able to get our home all put together and be able to settle in.  It's been a crazy month, for sure!

I have a few hot deals going on in my store at Gotta Pixel through Tuesday, June 28th, which is my daughter's 9th birthday!  :)

You can grab my newest word art pack:  "Dream Big" for only $1.49! 

And, I have put my "YOU" value bundle on sale for only $2.00! 

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