Word Art Tutorials

 How to change the color of Word Art

1.)  Open your word art (.png file) in PSE8+ or compatible program.

2.)  Ctrl-click the word art layer in your layers palette, which will place a moving marquee around your word art. 

3.)  Choose your Fill Color by clicking on the Foreground Color swatch.  The Color Picker window will appear.  Select a color and click OK.

4.)  Make sure your word art is "selected" in your Layers Palette.  Then, go to the Edit tab at the top of  your screen and scroll down to Fill Selection... The Fill Layer box will appear and select Foreground Color and click OK.

5.)  That's it!  Your entire word art will be re-colored!

If you would like to change only a portion of your word art image, leaving part of it black, follow these simple instructions:

1.)  Ctrl-click your word art image in your Layers Palette, placing a moving marquee around the entire image, as explained above.

2.)  Select the Lasso Tool from your Tools Palette by right-clicking on the Lasso Tool icon.  Make sure your Lasso Tool is in "Subtract from Selection" mode by clicking on the icon located above the Tools Bar.  (Your cursor will be a lasso with a (-) mark next to it as you move the mouse over the word art.)
3.)  Using the lasso, draw around the text you would like to keep black. 

4.)  Finish by following the instructions above starting with #3 and use the Fill Selection tool to recolor the highlighted text.

More word art tutorials coming soon!

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